About us

Who we are?


Before we start talking about ourselves, let’s talk about what Spicy (baharat, natural fragrant blends) is. Spicy; seeds, fruits, flowers, bark, roots of different plants, parts such as leaves of different plants, obtained by drying, crushing; are natural compounds or mixtures that are added to food as color, aroma and taste.

The demand for fragrant natural additives that add flavor to our meals is growing year by year. To satisfy the needs of our consumers, especially the masters of our kitchen, the employees of the company tried to expand the range of products, for which they added equipment imported from Turkey, which is a series of spices (aromatic mixtures). This year, the company's team continues to strengthen its reputation as a leading and advanced manufacturer of spices and other high-end products.


By introducing a high-quality, innovative, natural, healthy and varied product that brings spice (fragrant mixtures) to our lives and meals, not only in Turkmenistan, but also to all consumers around the world, becoming the most popular and preferred brand in the industry by offering products that consumers feel comfortable and enjoyable.


With the right quality ratio, the variety of products, with 100% naturalness, to meet the needs of the consumer to the maximum.